pudding and germ

my vent ocs i love them and they love each other kind of i guess, my 2 genders are gamer and femboy 12/06/2021
gawr gura!!

GURA!! i love al holoen but she holds a place in my heart i even have a gura themed phone lol 11/06/2021
peggy and the glue bunny

PEGGY! testing out a new way of shading :D 08/06/2021
puppy squad!!!

the puppy squad i did for the last year winners of sanrio ranking! 07/06/2021
girlboss :P

funny thing i did on tuxpaint on my tablet it has funny noises n stuff 03/06/2021

this dog was just a warmup thing but i like how she turned out hehe 02/06/2021
transmasc fluttershy

a cute art piece i did for pride month, hehe im toootally not projecting onto him,,, 01/06/2021
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